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 Axel Saffran


Air Nymph visiting a conflict zone.
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Charcoal on paper

100 x 70 cm (40”x 28”)
This drawing is laminated onto a foam-core panel. It has been treated with fixative, and is moderately smudge-proof. It will be shipped well protected, in a reinforced box.
I recommend handing the sealed container to a professional framer, where you can choose a frame that suits both the artwork and your interior.
This kind of work is usually displayed behind glass, which offers the most protection. However, it also usually introduces reflections. If you do choose glass, I strongly recommend investing in Clarity glass, which works wonders in terms of reflection, and protects against UV light.
Alternatively, it could be framed in a simple box frame without glass, which would be my preferred way of showing it.
I will include advice on proper care over the years.
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