Pose I

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model, nude, female, soft pastel on pastel mat
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This small nude full frontal portrait is an experiment in soft pastel on pastelmat (archival sanded paper), an ideal substrate for these soft sticks of almost pure pigment, held together by a minimal amount of binder.

I don't spray my pastel drawings with fixative, as this will always affect the colours and texture of the piece. Instead, the pastel is pressed into the grain, which makes it reasonably stable. Then, the work is attached to a rigid base layer and transported with another rigid layer pressed firmly on top. It can then be mounted behind glass. In that state, its colours will outlast those of any oil painting. A propos colour: if I had to do it again, I would tint the background with a charcoal wash or acrylic. I'm offering this drawing at a reduced price.
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