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Torso IX

Two third life size torso of a young woman in drypoint technique
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Two third life size torso of a young woman in drypoint technique.

My current series of torso drawings is an exploration of the perception of beauty as inherent in human anatomy in general, versus idiosyncrasies pertaining to the bodies of certain individuals in particular, and the mechanisms behind achieving a balance that serves as a window on something significant hiding within just the right proportions, direction and angles, light and shadow.

Graphite on paper

60 x 55 cm (26”x 24”)

This drawing has been treated with several layers of quality fixative and is fairly smudge proof. For shipping it will be covered with a protective sheet and carefully rolled into a sturdy mailing tube. Clear instructions for unrolling, flattening and handling will be included.

I recommend handing the sealed container to a professional framer, where you can choose a frame that suits both the artwork and your interior.

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