... is a Dutch visual artist,
who two years ago emba
on a new adventure. After a decade
of re-arranging bitmaps in Photoshop, he is now
slowly getting a grasp on (and growing appreciation for) using charcoal , pastel, and graphite, to stain good paper until it is totally useless for anything else but appreciating it as art.



Early 1992, I dropped out of Rotterdam art school (now Willem de Kooning Academy), and got on a plane to Bombay on a personal quest for meaning, and in order to see, hear and smell the world, instead of only reading about it and seeing glimpses on tv – this was two years before the internet started crawling.


After four years mainly spent in India, Thailand, Australia and the UK, I returned to live in The Hague, where in those days you could still co-rent reasonably well-equipped workshops at the Vrije Academie.

I spent some time taking lessons in practical stuff like welding, woodworking etcetera, and subsequently worked as a sculptor for seven years, using wood, metal, stone and polyester and whatever else seemed appropriate. I had three sculpture exhibitions in The Hague (scroll down for images). To earn money, I started making wildlife paintings/wall paintings on the side, alongside a seemingly endless succession of part-time jobs. For two seasons, I also taught portrait sculpting courses at an arts centre for the general public.

Meanwhile, life happened to make me decide to move to Thailand and live in a forest monastery near the Burmese border for an extended period, and analog-photographing the country when not trying to tame my mind. (scroll down for images)

A few twists and turns later,

I moved back to my old home town, Venlo, finally able to appreciate this wonderfully green minicity plus surroundings and thinking this is definitely one of the most blessed places/regions on the planet, in terms of human habitat.

From 2008 onward, I was forced into a very limited modus operandi, and had to slowly build things up from there. I started using a Mac with Wacom tablet and – much maligned, but truly magnificent – Photoshop to create my art. In the following decade, several series of photomontages were concocted, largely from (ethically) scavenged images.

My main fascination is still the global picture and its kaleidoscopic, mind-bogglingly heart-wrenching  workings, in this frantic pressure cooker of an era. I study it on my personal two-way panopticum, piecing together and refreshing my personal frame of reference as I click.


Recently, in 2020, I started drawing again.

I guess what I make could be called 'outsider art'. Facing the world as it is evolving, in my current situation, this is my natural response.

In my photomontages it is probably more obvious than in my drawings: the fact that I'm trying to create something inherently valuable and 'out of this world' from pieces I take from this world.

In my drawings I'm still searching. The past 2 years were spent full time experimenting with papers, charcoal, pastel, as well as subject matter.

My drawings can be organised into series in a way very similar to my photomontages. I'm an idealist who likes to work pragmatically, and as a draftsman I make good use of the extensive archive of images I collected for my surreal montages.


Basically, I draw what draws me, with the intention to catch it in a way that is revealing beyond what a photograph would show you. As I'm becoming more technically fluent, my work is becoming increasingly imbued with a promiscuous mix of style features, which often makes labeling it as such into a somewhat laughable exercise, merely justified by heightened findability.

In recent years, I have (due to personal circumstances) not exhibited my work in a physical setting. It is however always on display at various sites online. I do recommend viewing it on a screen larger than an iPad mini.


You can buy my artworks directly on this very website's online store. (All communication fully encrypted / 14 day money back guarantee)

Affordable art prints on paper and canvas of my drawings, are available from


Earlier this year,  I was invited to show about 12 of my works were on exhibition from 23 May – 05 June at The Other Art Fair, virtual editions , curated by Saatchi Art, as one of a worldwide selection of 150 artists. 

Currently, I'm creating new work to add to my portfolio.


Garnizoenweg 3

5928NA  Venlo,  Netherlands

+31 646731184


NL52 ASNB 07071339 12   


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