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A hand drawn portrait

  •  is a unique and intensely personal gift for someone special

  •  reflects our core values as well as our idiosyncrasies.

  •  is a lasting factor in a world of impermanence.

Whether you want an original piece of art to acknowledge a jubilee,

   or feel closer to your children, your family when they are not around...

nothing compares to the directness and intimacy

inherent in a well drawn portrait.


You are invited to commission a hand drawn portrait from Axel ...

  • a subtle drawing in graphite,

  • a charismatic and bold charcoal portrait

  • a sensitive portrayal of your loved one(s) in pastel pencil.

Look below for some visualised ideas.

Portrait Drawings: some style suggestions

To get an idea of what is possible

when you commission Axel

to draw a portrait for you,

here are some portraits

in various media.


Pastel pencil on cotton paper

Size up to 45 x 30 cm   Colour

from 400 euro

Graphite on hot press (smooth) papier

Size up to 42 x 35 cm

300 – 600 euro.


Charcoal on white Bristol paper

Size up to 63 x 48 cm  (25"x 19")

300 - 700 euro


Pastel pencil on cotton paper

Size up to 45 x 30 cm   Monochrome

300 - 500 euro

Mixed media on Canson Mi Teintes paper

Size up to 75 x 110 cm

300 – 3000 euro (group portrait).

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A commission: how do we proceed?


To make a portrait, I need the following:

  • 1 striking (meaning: well lit) photograph that can serve as the 'sitter'.

  • 3+ shots from several sides, to get an idea of the person to be portrayed.

  • if possible some footage, showing the subject engaged in activity. (speaking, singing etc.) as well as any info you'd like to share about things like favourite music, things they are passionate about, etc..


Tell me:

  • Medium Do you want your portrait to be made in charcoal, graphite, or pastel pencil? 

  • Size How large? Paper sizes usually determine maximum size, but if you choose to commission a charcoal portrait on canvas, or a drawing on a gessoed wooden panel, oversized artworks are possible.

  • Surroundings Do you want a certain background: a setting or environment? Or an abstract background – smooth or more dynamic – befitting the person portrayed, or the occasion? 


                     TIP: If you already have a certain spot in mind to hang the portrait, please consider this when answering above questions.


First-Rate Materials

No misunderstandings:   everything we agree upon will be put into a standard contract, prior to the making of the commissioned portrait. A downpayment (50% of the total fee) is transferred, and I will start the creative process.


During this fase, which lasts from a week up to a month (depending on overlapping commitments I may have/agreements we made), we keep in touch and discuss things as they present themselves. At appropriate times I will share glimpses of the creative process. When you are satisfied with the result, you transfer the remaining part of the fee.

Subsequently, I will ship the carefully packaged portrait to you. 

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