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Classical garden scene with graces, in charcoal on paper. Drawing by Axel Saffran.
  • Garden

    Charcoal on paper

    66 x 57 cm (26”x 20”)⁠


    This garden scene was photographed a little more than a century ago. It is one of the images from my personal archive that never made it into a photomontage.

    Although I still call this a drawing, the style is much more painterly and impressionistic than that of other work. I used a big squarish block of charcoal to block in large parts, and then used the patchy result as a mid-tone layer from which to work toward light and dark, by erasing parts and adding dark accents and lines.


    This original drawing comes framed in a black frame with matting, and Clarity Glass AR 70, which minimises reflection and protects against UV light.

    It is ready to hang on your wall, straight out of the box.

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