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Sleeping nude on summer hillside – charcoal drawing by Axel Saffran.


Dreamlike nature scene, drawn with a minimal gestures. A girl is sleeping on a hillside in mid summer.

I drew this scene as a complete improvisation. I used photo reference for the rendering of the girl, vaguely intending to draw her lying under the root structure of a large tree. Instead, it gradually and deliberately turned into this.

51 x 73 cm (28.7"x 20") paper size
48 x 70 cm (shown artwork size/matting size recommendation).

This original drawing is fixed and fairly smudge proof. It will be shipped well protected, in a reinforced mailing tube. Instructions for flattening and handling will be included.

I recommend handing the sealed container to a professional framer, where you can choose a frame that suits both the artwork and your interior.

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