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Exuberant dancing female in garden setting - drawing by Axel Saffran. Charcoal and pastel on paper.
  • Sundance


    "Sundance" is an expressionist drawing in charcoal and pastel on Ingres paper.
    It is about chaos(also implying movement) and structure(often implying inertia)... and finding a balance between the two.

    It is very similar to "Moondance", a work I made in 2021.

    Back then I posted the following text with that piece (on Instagram):

    "The posture of this woman reminds me of a famous sculpture in Rotterdam, by Ossip Zadkine, commemorating the bombardment and destruction of the city centre at the start of the second World War, 1940. The Dutch surrendered after that. The reference image for this drawing is even older, between 1910-1920.

    But this scene reflects for me something of the current era we live in. It seems to work like a pressure cooker on whole segments of society. People in Rotterdam these days are rioting in the streets where bombs once fell. Paranoia and misinformation as infectious as a virus, and people writing each other off as imbeciles without even an attempt to connect on some level."

    .... ...

    During the making of Sundance I was very aware of the need for balance on various levels and in different ways. First and foremost I was dealing with a lot of self-inflicted chaos that needed resolving on the paper. Luckily a dab with an eraser of a wipe with a finger went a long way in creating just the right amount of structure or clarity. Other ways in which balance was needed then soon presented themselves...

    Charcoal and pastel on paper
    48 x 63 cm (19”x25”) paper size
    60 x 74 cm (23,6"x29,1") framed

    This drawing comes framed in a greenish frame with light green matting, and Clarity Glass AR 70, which minimalises reflection while largely filtering out UV light.

    It is ready to hang on your wall, straight out of the box.

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